History and Mission

Immaculate Conception Catholic School was founded in 1954 with the help of five Sisters of Mercy from Enniskillen, Ireland.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School houses grades Pre-K 1 through 8th. For over 65 years, the school has focused on the importance of a Roman Catholic Education as well as focusing on the student as a whole. The school does this by meeting the spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and social development needs of our students. Our aim is to help our students lead a Christ-centered life and attain an awareness of God in an ever-changing world.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School is where it all begins. This is where children excel, grow, learn and are prepared academically and spiritually. They are given the tools necessary to succeed in High School and life overall. The tools and lessons that students acquire here are lessons that will forever impact and shape them as adults. Immaculate Conception Catholic School has had 55 graduating classes. Our students leave here with tears in their eyes, love in their hearts, friendships that last a lifetime and memories that will forever live within them.

Once a Celtic, Always a Celtic!